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Office Manager

Orlando, Florida


Office Manager

Reports the financial condition of the total dealership to the dealer/general manager/controller regularly and accurately. Provides sales and expense analyses summarizing potential problem areas and opportunities for improved profitability relative to monthly and annual forecasts.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following.

  • Prepares a complete financial statement monthly according to dealership guidelines and within each manufacturer’s format and time frame to include timely factory and other electronic submissions.
  • Maintains an effective cash management system that forecasts cash funds and makes recommendations for the profitable use of excess cash. Active, daily involvement with GM and finance department in the turning and cashing of deals to maximize cash flow.
  • Interprets the financial statement and the daily operating control (DOC) regularly and informs dealer/GM/Controller of developing trends.
  • Accurate and timely reporting and remittance of sales, tire and battery, and luxury taxes.
  • Participates in the preparation of short- and long-term financial forecasts for the dealership.
  • Provides GM and department managers with detailed financial and management reports and is responsive to their requests for assistance.
  • Reviews the general ledger and scheduled accounts. Notes any unusual entries and investigates.
  • Reviews the reconciliation of general ledger accounts with outside sources to ensure proper bank reconciliation, reserve accounts, factory payable, and floor plan payable and vendor payables. Use of ASN’s Goals and Standards worksheet to review all essential areas of concern.
  • Manages the use of dealership computer system to maximize utilization and efficiencies.
  • Coordinates with controller to administer a loss review program and to maintain loss reserves for contingent liabilities and trade receivables.
  • Coordinates with controllers on the annual audit (or review) and physical inventory.
  • Coordinates with controllers on DMV complaints, audits and licensing.
  • Coordinates with controllers on maintaining Fixed Asset purchases, schedules and depreciation expense.
  • Timely reporting and follow-up on insurance claims in coordination with controllers.
  • Ability to handle efficiently multiple stores.
  • Ensures that all office personnel are using proper accounting procedures and maintaining accurate records and analyses and supervises the preparation of all information for the accounting firm in order to minimize audit or review costs. Cross training to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks.
  • Continually strives to improve data integrity and information reporting throughout the dealership.
  • Attends managers meetings. Actively participate as part of the management team.
  • Maintains professional appearance.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Degree in accounting or equal amount of experience.