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Title Clerk

Orlando, Florida


Title Clerk

Processes car deals. Verifies costs for the accounting department, including the costs of reconditioning and equipment add-ons, and handles the legal transfer of documents for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Essential Duties include the following:

Processes all new and used vehicles for registration in the state in which they will be titled.

Prepares tax and title documents.

Submits all legal transfer work to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Verifies that funds have been collected and the correct lienholder paid off before processing title applications.

Checks for accuracy in the application and ensures that all information is complete.

Prepares payoff checks for new vehicles and trade-ins.

Bills out all dealer trades and prepares Certificates of Origin.

Maintains a system to verify out-of-state titles.

Compiles and maintains a complete list of all outstanding title work. Reports to management on the status of any missing or problem titles and provides a current list of outstanding titles to the comptroller at the end of month.

Other duties as assigned